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One of the UK's biggest multidisciplinary property businesses, Countrywide's massive surveying practice sits alongside an equally large network of estate agencies - with the two arms very rarely working together to generate business.


April Marketing helped to develop a strategy and suite of marketing collateral to encourage Estate Agency customers to make use of Countrywide's surveyors, as well as attracting external agencies to earn additional income.

Campaign and collateral

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A complete service

The task for Countrywide was clear: to leverage existing customers and the business's profile to drive additional sales through surveying - and help make sure individuals understood their purchase in the process. 

April Marketing worked to create a two-pronged strategy, campaigns and materials to support that goal. 

The campaign was a major success, generating hundreds of sales, and supporting Countrywide's business as the property market became uncertain towards the end of 2022.


To achieve sales through their chosen route, Countrywide needed to target both the end customer, and the business they were transacting with. Messaging, content and visuals had to be compelling.


This B2B2C campaign was really two complementary campaigns. Firstly, helping businesses to understand the benefits of the service, and secondly appealing directly to their customers.


With the strategy and campaign agreed, April Marketing created a new sub-brand to appeal to businesses, sitting alongside Countrywide's existing Home Surveys brand, and designed all collateral and materials.


Adding the detail to the strategy, and distilling Countrywide's aims and offering into a compelling story, April Marketing wrote all copy featured across on- and offline collateral for both B2B and B2c campaign elements.

Based on the development of a quality, 12 page brochure, alongside event and social media strategies, the B2B element of the campaign itself had two prongs.

Firstly, to drive cross-sales by educating businesses and individuals within the Countrywide group of the benefits to themselves and customers when working with the surveying business.

And secondly, to encourage independent estate agencies to refer their survey work to Countrywide as a Survey Partner.

The core messaging focussed on the tangible opportunities - financially, and in terms of customer experience - available to the businesses who chose to engage. 

B2B2C and cross-sales

With businesses convinced of the benefits of offering Countrywide surveys to their customers, they needed access to collateral which they could use to pass on to their customers and drive sales. 

The material, focussed on education and support, leverages the credibility of the Countrywide brand for surveying, helping customers to understand the benefits of having a survey to reduce their risks. 

The success of this leaflet means that tens of thousands have been distributed over the last 6 months, leading to hundreds of sales. 

Compelling B2C material

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