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Energy bills and the cost of living crisis are affecting us all. enable had a solution that they needed to turn into a product. 

Changing the game at the ideal time.

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A customer-ready solution

enable had a vision: to enable greener homes.


They had the right resources: green energy experts and proper property credentials. They even had the customers and distribution channels.


But what they didn't have was the product. That's where we came in. 


The first step was to work with the team to identify the right audience for their new product. That would inform everything else. 


Knowing who the product would target, we could work on delivering what they would want. This built the bones of the report.


Having created the enable brand, we knew it well, and it transposed brilliantly into a professional and informative but interesting report.  


Crucial to this project was creating the language to communicate complex recommendations without bamboozling customers.

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Top drawer

April are top drawer. They've been fantastic for our business not just from a point of view of understanding the objectives, but immersing themselves with our people to ensure what they deliver lands well across the piece.

Joe Miller, CEO

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